2004–2005 Recipients

Albanna, Badr (Physics), Getting in Touch with Your Inner Physicist

Clayton, Aubrey (Mathematics), The Meaning Behind the Symbols

Dowling, Christie (Civil and Environmental Engineering), Strategies to Provide Information Without Providing Answers

Frenkel, Oron (Public Health), Crossing Disciplinary Boundaries through Drama

Lerman, Amy (Political Science), It Said What? Reading Critically for Bias and Point of View

Markham, Michael, (Music), Bringing Opera Closer to Home

McNeill, Karen (History), The Undergraduate Research Paper

Paramasivan, Vasudha (South and Southeast Asian Studies), “Telling” Tales: The Quest for Meaning in Indian Folklore

Peek, Kathryn (Astronomy), Lessons from a Lesson on Stellar Evolution

Randazzo, Timothy (Ethnic Studies), A New Approach to Teaching and Learning

Reyes Arias, Alejandro (Latin American Studies), The Challenge of Thinking Historically

Rider, Christopher (Business Administration), Improving Writing Skills and Alleviating Grading Confusion

Short, William (Classics), Experiments in Communicative Latin

Slotkin, Richard Keith (Plant and Microbial Biology), Designing a Better Laboratory Course

Yost, Benjamin (Rhetoric), Becoming a Better Socrates

2003–2004 Recipients

Becker, Catherine (History of Art), Making a Connection to the Distant Past

Benson, Elzbieta (Sociology), Increased Class Participation: Accommodating for Diverse Styles and Skills

Bilis, Hélène (French), Giving a New Tune to Grammar

Blum, Suzanne (Chemistry), Current-Literature Problem Solving as a Connection to the Real World: How Solving a Problem in the Classroom Expanded Professor-Graduate Student Mentorship from the Laboratory into the Classroom

Borooah, Gautam (Mathematics), When Wrong is All Right

Cassibry, Kimberly (History of Art), Teaching Roman Monuments

Desroches, Louis-Benoit (Astronomy), Undergraduate Astronomy Journal Club

Dichtel, William (Chemistry), Teaching Alice

Dumont, Sophie (Molecular and Cell Biology), Motivating a Broad Audience with Research

Nisnevich, Anna (Music), Music and Multi Media: Staging Stravinsky’s The Rite of Spring

Owley, Jessica (Environmental Science, Policy and Management), Social Science Meets Physical Science

Radwin, David (Political Science), Learning by Doing: Using Simulations to Teach Political Science

Scott, William (History), The Campus as Laboratory: Teaching Students to Think Historically About the Built Environment

Somoff, Victoria (Slavic Languages and Literatures), Writing an Epistolary Novel in a Heritage Speaker Class

Takada, Mayumi (English), Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Literature but Were Afraid to Ask the Saturday Evening Post: or, How Literature is Like Math

Wedel, Mathew (Integrative Biology), How to Encourage Lecture Attendance through Discussion Activities

2002–2003 Recipients

Baraz, Yelena (Classics), A New Way to Appreciate Cicero’s Style

Combs, Charles Scott (Film Studies), Writers into Readers

Coppinger, J. Peter (Plant and Microbial Biology), Slimemolds vs. the MCATs

Cunningham, Sarah (Integrative Biology), Teaching an Uncommon Sense

Dar, Huma (South and South East Asian Studies), Re-Membering Our Histories, Re-Visioning Our Histories, Re-Writing Our Selves

Diesl, Alexander (Mathematics), Breaking the Mathematical Language Barrier

Gold, Lael (Comparative Literature), An Epic in Miniature: Collaborations on a Thesis

Endres, James (Molecular and Cell Biology), Science Education: Focus on Core Analytical Skills

Heddle, Amanda (Environmental Science, Policy and Management), Development of an Inquiry-Based Activity from a Content Intensive Curriculum

Kaborycha, Lisa (History), Teaching History Students to Read Between the Lines

Paleo, Lyn (Public Health), Incorporating Practice into Theory-Based Curriculum

Punj, Gaurav (IEOR), Think Out of the Box

Purser, Gretchen (Sociology), Theory as a Map

Rivera, Francesca (Music), If “Writing about Music is Like Dancing about Architecture,” Maybe it is Time to Draw: Using Visual Aids to Introduce Musical and Stylistic Analysis

Saleh, Heidi (Near Eastern Studies), Revitalizing & Contemporizing Ancient Literature

Shank, Elizabeth (Molecular and Cell Biology), Emphasizing Concepts in a Yeast Genetics Laboratory

Shankar, Ajeet (Computer Science), The Zen of Reductions, (How to Understand Computers by Becoming One)

Thomsen, Meredith (Integrative Biology), Groupwritten

Villa-Lobos, Ana (Sociology), How to “Show” Sociology in an Academic World of “Telling”

Warner, Chantelle (German), Putting the Text Back in Text Book

Wendover, Jess (Architecture), Teaching Triangulation of Research Methods

Zalecki, Christine (Psychology), Practice Matters: The Design and Teaching of an Introductory Clinical Seminar

Zeitler, Bryan (Molecular and Cell Biology), Using the Peer-Review Process to Stimulate Classroom Discussion

2001–2002 Recipients

Bandyopadhyay, Antar (Statistics), Mathematics: The Universal Language of Science

Basini, Laura (Music), Musical Form and Active Learning

Becker Quinn, Mary (Spanish and Portuguese), Charting the Plot of ‘La Noche Boca Arriba’

Boucher, Helen (Psychology), Helping Students Understand Prejudice

Cheng, Mai-Lin (English), Monstrous Texts: Overcoming Resistance to Literature

Gard, David (Psychology), Developing a Substantive Understanding of the Concepts of Normality and Pathology

Johnson, John (Astronomy), TALC: Individualized Assistance through Collaborative Learning

Johnson, Kimberly (English), The Renaissance Lyric Poem as Pop Culture

Martin, Tania (Architecture), Engaging with Primary Sources and Making Connections to Readings and Lectures

Pearson, Kathryn (Political Science), Bringing Home the Bacon: Navigating the Congressional Budget Process

Replogle Sheffer, Edith (History), Creating Coherence with Conceptual Maps

Sankaran, Viswanath (Mathematics), Demystifying the Thought Process

Schwab, Susan (Molecular and Cell Biology), Players in the Pathway

2000–2001 Recipients

Anderson, Connie (French), Hands-on Experience of French Irony

Bensadoun, Jennifer & Alexander Minnis (Epidemiology), Research Methods Applied to Public Health Topics: Using Breakout Groups to Foster Problem Solving and Critical Thinking

Cheng, A.S., (Ed) (Mechanical Engineering), Teaching My Students to Fish

Esse, Melina (Music), I Love to Listen to Music But I Don’t Know Anything About It

Ferretti, Natalia (Political Science), Do Our Students Understand the Relevance of What We are Teaching Them?

Hayes, William (Sociology), Teaching Bourdieu: Observing the Habitus in Sites of Consumption

Kiser, Deanna (Near Eastern Studies), Understanding the Lives of Ancient Egyptians

Masanet, Eric (Mechanical Engineering), Incorporating Design-for-Environment into the Undergraduate Product Design Curriculum

McCarty, Heather (History), Journals: The Key to Small Group Participation

Pivonka, Nicholas L. (Chemistry), Improving Laboratory Courses

Powell, Jennifer (Molecular and Cell Biology), Transforming Quizzes into Teaching and Learning Tools

Schwartz, Selby (Comparative Literature), Is Ariel the Same as the Little Mermaid?

Spudich, Giulietta (Molecular and Cell Biology), Linking Theory and Experiment in a Biochemistry Lab

Watkins, Holly (Music), Musical Representation and Musorgsky’s Pictures at an Exhibition