Some frequent kinds of classroom interactions can be difficult to visualize for instructors unfamiliar with running a section or lab. Four very effective Berkeley GSIs generously allowed us to record a class period to provide examples of several common GSI activities. Most of the videos are from one to three minutes long.

Linear Algebra (discussion section, first day of class)
Chemistry (lab section, second day of class)
Engineering (lab section, a few weeks into the semester)
Psychology (discussion section, middle of semester)


GSI: John Voight
Discussion section, first day of class

Title (videos open in new window) Length
Presenting administrative information 2:13
Discussing office hours 1:43
Setting course objectives 0:46
Showing empathy and assuaging student fears 1:59
First day icebreaker 1:29
Introducing material and interacting with small groups 2:14
Teaching interactively 1:17
Making material relevant to course objectives 1:54
Assigning problems 0:52
Responding to questions during group work 0:52
Modeling the correct answer 1:03
Ending the class 0:44


GSI: Aster Ellen Kammrath
Lab section, second day of class

Title Length
Calling roll 0:42
Getting feedback 0:48
Going over material 1:14
Responding to a student question 2:24
Responding to group work 1:15
Getting students up to the board 0:33
Going over material 1:40
Calling for questions 1:11
Emphasizing safety 0:53
Assigning lab groups 0:43


GSI: Matt Sherburne
Lab section, a few weeks into the semester

Title Length
Using an example to define a concept 1:12
Preparing students for their lab assignment 1:30
Showing relevance of a technical concept 2:50
Demonstrating lab procedures 2:10
Giving final instructions before the lab 0:39


GSI: Kelly Corigliano
Discussion section, middle of semester

Title Length
Discussing mid-term evaluations of the class 3:10
Giving directions 1:43
Eliciting responses from the class 2:53
Running a discussion 2:24
Responding to student question and explaining a concept 2:25
Getting maximum student participation 1:49
Using student volunteer to dramatize a point 1:56
Ending class 2:37