The GSI Teaching & Resource Center helps graduate students transition to teaching as GSIs at UC Berkeley and offers programs and services to assist graduate students in developing their teaching skills for future academic and nonacademic careers. We also work with faculty and departments to assist them in the mentoring and teaching preparation they offer graduate students.

What if you could tailor your teaching activities to the ways students learn best? A series of brief videos, Cognitive Principles for Effective Teaching, explains several cognitive factors that shape student learning and that instructors can factor into their work with students.

Also on this topic, see the GSI Teaching Guide section Learning: Theory and Research.

Disability Accommodations

What are instructors responsible for when a student asks for an academic accommodation? Two important references to consult:

Disabled Students’ Program, Letters of Accommodation

GSI Ethics Course, Module 3: Teaching Students with Disabilities (CalNet authentication required; see course enrollment instructions)

How are the roles of GSIs and faculty different? Does students’ laptop use in class affect their learning? What are the best conditions for students to learn in GSI-led sections and labs? Silvia Bunge introduces research on student perceptions of GSIs, factors that influence learning, and recommendations for GSIs in Continue Reading >>

GSIs have a strategic part to play in promoting students’ learning, and the GSI role is an important professional opportunity for graduate students. In the talks linked here, faculty from several departments offer some pointers. Ani Adhikari (Statistics) Sylvia Bunge (Psychology) Raka Ray (Sociology; South and Southeast Asia Studies) Anant Sahai (EECS) See more faculty Continue Reading >>

Professional Standards and Ethics in Teaching Online Course

First-time GSIs must complete the course before they interact with students (in person or online) in their role as an instructor.
Please see Enrollment Instructions for details.

Teaching Portfolio Deadline

Due on November 15.

Syllabus and Course Design
Wednesday, October 26, 3:00–4:30

How Students Learn
Thursday, November 10, 2:30–4:00

Grading and Feedback in R&C
Wednesday, November 16, 1:00–2:30