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Essential Resources for First-Time GSIs

Resources for getting started, policies about your GSI appointment

Language Proficiency Program

Policy, testing, courses for GSIs; English Language Proficiency Questionnaire

Teaching Guide for GSIs

Grading, plagiarism, effective discussion sections, instructional technology, and more

Conferences, Workshops, Seminars, & Institutes

Events related to teaching. Workshop Notes

How Students Learn

Notes and videos from speaker series

Consultations & Classroom Observations

Confidential teaching consultations, videorecording, and classroom observations;
consultations on teaching and the academic job search
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To support innovative teaching for GSIs and departments
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Award ProgramsCongratulations 2014 Recipients!

Outstanding GSI Award, Teaching Effectiveness Award, Faculty Mentorship of GSIs
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Certificate Program

Certificate of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education
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Resources for Faculty

Working with GSIs, teaching the 300-level course, departmental Faculty Advisers for GSI Affairs
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About the GSI Teaching & Resource Center

Who we are, contact information, and more
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