The GSI Teaching & Resource Center helps graduate students transition to teaching as GSIs at UC Berkeley and offers programs and services to assist graduate students in developing their teaching skills for future academic and nonacademic careers. We also work with faculty and departments to assist them in the mentoring and teaching preparation they offer graduate students.

There are many things to think about, find out, plan for, and organize as your teaching semester approaches. The Pre-semester Preparation chapter of the Online Teaching Guide for GSIs provides ways to pull them all together.

We also recommend Must-See Policies and Resources for GSIs and Working as a GSI: Frequently Asked Questions.

First-Time GSI Requirements

First-time GSIs need to make sure they come to the Fall Teaching Conference, complete the GSI Ethics Online Course, and enroll in a required 300-level pedagogy course for first-time GSIs.

Prospective GSIs who do not speak English as a native language must also demonstrate English language proficiency. Please see the GSI Center’s Language Proficiency Program for details.

GSIs have a strategic part to play in promoting students’ learning, and the GSI role is an important professional opportunity for graduate students. In the talks linked here, faculty from several departments offer some pointers. Ani Adhikari (Statistics) Sylvia Bunge (Psychology) Raka Ray (Sociology; South and Southeast Asia Studies) Anant Sahai (EECS) See more faculty Continue Reading >>

How are the roles of GSIs and faculty different? Does students’ laptop use in class affect their learning? What are the best conditions for students to learn in GSI-led sections and labs? Silvia Bunge’s talk at the Spring 2015 Teaching Conference for GSIs introduces research on student perceptions of GSIs, Continue Reading >>

Professional Standards and Ethics in Teaching Online Course

First-time GSIs must complete the course before they interact with students (in person or online) in their role as an instructor.
Current Ethics Course Closes July 29
Please see Enrollment Instructions for details

Developing a Statement of Teaching Philosophy and Teaching Portfolio
Thursday, September 1, 1:00–2:30

Peer Exchange and Feedback on Statements of Teaching Philosophy
Friday, September 16, 3:00–4:30

Working with Student Writing
Monday, September 26, 2:00–3:30

Assessing Teaching and Learning 
Tuesday, October 11, 1:30–3:00