The GSI Teaching & Resource Center helps graduate students transition to teaching as GSIs at UC Berkeley and offers programs and services to assist graduate students in developing their teaching skills for future academic and nonacademic careers. We also work with faculty and departments to assist them in the mentoring and teaching preparation they offer graduate students.

Strategies for Exam Reviews

GSIs methods for helping students solidify their learning in preparation for exams:

Playing Teacher: Adding Predictive Power to Students’ Toolboxes, Emily Hamilton (History)
Instilling Effective Study Skills in Students: Start Early, Know Your Weaknesses, Jennifer McGuire (Integrative Biology)
Teaching Young Scientists to Speak the Way They Think, Seemay Chou (Molecular and Cell Biology)
Encouraging Critical Thinking through Exam Preparation, Sarah MacDonald (Sociology)

End-of-Semester Stress?

Counseling and Psychological Services (CPS) offers counseling to UC Berkeley students and can also can assist GSIs with issues such as reducing stress, handling difficult students, recognizing students in distress, and referring students with difficulties to appropriate services.

The Gold Folder is a reference and referral guide for assisting students who may be experiencing emotional distress. There is also a mobile app version of the Gold Folder.

More information for GSIs about campus offices and services is available on the Annotated Campus Resource List.

Incidents of hate speech can increase stress for already-stressed students and instructors, especially for members of groups targeted by hate speech. What are some helpful ways to respond in the GSI role? Two new resource pages from the University of Michigan address this question: Responding to Incidents of Hate Speech Continue Reading >>

How are the roles of GSIs and faculty different? Does students’ laptop use in class affect their learning? What are the best conditions for students to learn in GSI-led sections and labs? Silvia Bunge introduces research on student perceptions of GSIs, factors that influence learning, and recommendations for GSIs in Continue Reading >>

Spring 2017 Teaching Conference for First-Time GSIs

Friday, January 13, 2017

Professional Standards and Ethics in Teaching Online Course

First-time GSIs must complete the course before they interact with students (in person or online) in their role as an instructor.
Please see Enrollment Instructions for details.

Workshops on Teaching

Developing a Statement of Teaching Philosophy and Teaching Portfolio*
Tuesday, January 24, 10:00 – 11:30

Peer Exchange and Feedback on Statements of Teaching Philosophy*
Wednesday, February 8, 3:00 – 4:30

The Transferable Skills of Teaching
Wednesday, February 15, 1:30 – 3:00

Creating and Using Grading Rubrics*
Monday, February 22, 10 – 11:30