The GSI Teaching & Resource Center helps graduate students transition to teaching as GSIs at UC Berkeley and offers programs and services to assist graduate students in developing their teaching skills for future academic and nonacademic careers. We also work with faculty and departments to assist them in the mentoring and teaching preparation they offer graduate students.

Assessing and Improving Your Teaching

First-time GSIs and seasoned veterans alike look for ways to further develop their teaching. Having someone observe your teaching and gathering student input using midterm evaluations are great ways to spot things you’re doing well and things to improve.

Strategies for Exam Reviews

GSIs share methods they have used to help students solidify their learning in preparation for exams:

Playing Teacher: Adding Predictive Power to Students’ Toolboxes, Emily Hamilton (History)
Instilling Effective Study Skills in Students: Start Early, Know Your Weaknesses, Jennifer McGuire (Integrative Biology)
Teaching Young Scientists to Speak the Way They Think, Seemay Chou (Molecular and Cell Biology)
Encouraging Critical Thinking through Exam Preparation, Sarah MacDonald (Sociology)

Over 800 graduate students gathered for the fall 2014 teaching conference on August 21 and 22. Day 1 of the conference focused on cultural, institutional, and linguistic issues for international GSIs. Day 2, for all first-time GSIs, featured talks and workshops on the nuts and bolts of teaching as a GSI at Berkeley.

As a national leader in preparing graduate students for teaching, UC Berkeley was one of the first universities in the country to create a campuswide policy on the mentoring of graduate student instructors. This policy supports GSIs’ professional development as teachers and prepares them for the teaching they will do Continue Reading >>