Welcome, GSIs, and faculty and staff who work with GSIs!

GSI Center staff members are available to assist you Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to noon and 1 to 4 p.m. through the following email addresses:

General Questions on GSI-related Matters: gsi@berkeley.edu

Language Proficiency Program Oral English Testing and Consultations: langpro@berkeley.edu.

To set up a confidential consultation, please visit our consultation request page

Our workshops and consultations will be held remotely via Zoom this semester. See our list of workshops below. 

On the Keep Teaching website (Research, Teaching, and Learning Services), learn about effective strategies, resources, and best practices and keep apprised of campus policies.

Here, you will find best practices for GSIs for remote teaching designed by your peers, guides on how to use bCourses and Zoom tailored to the needs of GSIs, resources for support and consultation, and campus policies. This site will be continually updated throughout the semester.

First-time GSIs have the following requirements: Attend the Fall 2023 Teaching Conference, complete the GSI Ethics Online Course before interacting with students, and enroll in a required 300-level pedagogy course for first-time GSIs. Prospective GSIs who do not speak English as a native language must demonstrate oral English language proficiency Continue Reading >>

Here you will find all of the basic information you will need as a GSI including essential policies for GSIs, a Checklist for Getting Started as a GSI, Time Management Strategies, and FAQs for GSIs. See the list of Faculty Advisors for GSIs and familiarize yourself with how this person Continue Reading >>

Teaching consultants are available this semester via Zoom to assist GSIs with a variety of teaching-related matters from how to teach effectively, to how to assess whether what you are doing is helping your students in their learning, to strategizing solutions for problems that may come up in teaching. The Continue Reading >>