In conjunction with the Graduate Council’s Advisory Committee for GSI Affairs, the GSI Teaching & Resource Center annually sponsors four types of awards.

The Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor Award recognizes GSIs who have been nominated for excellence in teaching in their departments.

The Teaching Effectiveness Award for GSIs honors a small number of GSIs who devise solutions to teaching or learning problems they have identified in their classes and write them up in a one-page essay. These essays  are published on the GSI Center website for use by instructors.

The Teagle Foundation Award for Excellence in Enhancing Student Learning gives recent TEA recipients the opportunity to connect effective teaching strategies to the research on how students learn, in a brief essay published on the GSI Center website.

The Faculty Award for Outstanding Mentorship of GSIs acknowledges faculty members who have provided excellent guidance and mentoring to GSIs.

For further information about these awards, please see our Awards FAQ page.

Congratulations 2021 Award Recipients!

Outstanding Graduate Student Instructors

Teaching Effectiveness Award for GSIs

Mallika Bariya, Materials Science and Engineering, Zoom Labs: Replicating Hands-On Learning in Virtual Education
Katherine Blackford, Chemistry, Helping Organic Chemistry Students Develop Metacognitive Problem-Solving Skills
Katherine Bruhn, South & Southeast Asian Studies, Mundane to Extraordinary: Working with Primary Sources and Identifying Research Topics
Douglas Epps, Social Welfare, Ask, Adapt, and Assess: Co-constructing the Remote Classroom to Promote Inclusivity, Equity, and Engagement
Andrew Estrada Phuong, Education, Adaptive Equity-Oriented Pedagogy: Equipping Educators to Overcome Barriers to Learning in STEM
Ella Hiesmayr, Statistics, Visualizing Stochastic Processes
Christopher Jelen, Classics, To Err Is Divine: Constructive Failure and Its Place in Language Learning
Jessica Katz, Energy and Resources Group, Finding New Ways to “Read the Room” in a Year of Remote Teaching
Ellis Kennedy, Materials Science and Engineering, One Lab Report, Two Lab Reports, Three Lab Reports, More! Teaching Scientific Writing
Ashwin Mandakolathur Balu, Public Policy, Teaching Causality through an Experiment
Anna Mikkelborg, Political Science, Practice Having Something to Say: Building Student Confidence through Required Office Hours
Chitraang Murdia, Physics, Increasing Student Engagement by Using Poll-based Teaching
Michael Song, Integrative Biology, How to Teach Botany Lab Remotely: Get Off Zoom, Use Real Plants!
Skyler Wang, Sociology, Going Public: Designing Writing Assignments with Social Impact
Panagiotis Zarkos, Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences, Remote Hands-on Hardware Lab: Aiming at  0% Discount in Learning Experience during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Faculty Award for Outstanding Mentorship of GSIs

Cati V. de los Ríos, Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Education
Karen Feldman, Professor, Department Chair, German
Maryani Palupy Rasidjan, Lecturer, Environmental Science, Policy, and Management
Mary Wildermuth, Associate Professor, Plant and Microbial Biology