In conjunction with the Graduate Council’s Advisory Committee for GSI Affairs, the GSI Teaching & Resource Center annually sponsors four types of awards.

The Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor Award recognizes GSIs who have been nominated for excellence in teaching in their departments.

The Teaching Effectiveness Award for GSIs honors a small number of GSIs who devise solutions to teaching or learning problems they have identified in their classes and write them up in a one-page essay. These essays  are published on the GSI Center website for use by instructors.

The Teagle Foundation Award for Excellence in Enhancing Student Learning gives recent TEA recipients the opportunity to connect effective teaching strategies to the research on how students learn, in a brief essay published on the GSI Center website.

The Faculty Award for Outstanding Mentorship of GSIs acknowledges faculty members who have provided excellent guidance and mentoring to GSIs.

For further information about these awards, please see our Awards FAQ page.

Congratulations 2024 Award Recipients!

Outstanding Graduate Student Instructors

Teaching Effectiveness Award for GSIs

Darcy Tuttle, Ancient History & Mediterranean Archaeology, Conversations with the Dead: Putting Primary & Secondary Sources in Dialogue

Karen Villegas, Berkeley School of Education, Enhancing Student Engagement through Simulated Academic Conference

Kirsten Landsiedel, Biostatistics, A Statistically Significant Reduction in Math Anxiety (p-value < 0.5)

Sukriyo Chakraborty, Chemistry, “Thinking through writing” – Using writing as a means to improve critical thinking in an organic chemistry laboratory.

Nicolette Puskar, Chemistry, I Spy with my Little Scanning Electron Microscope: Seeing the Nanoscale in Physical Chemistry Laboratory

Alexander Ramiller, City and Regional Planning, Navigating the “Alphabet Soup” of U.S. Housing Policy with Collaborative Online Tools

Vivek Bharadwaj, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Cookie Cutters: Scaling a Parallel Computing Class While Retaining its Humanity

Yicheng Zhu, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Fostering Student Engagement: The Power of Live Class Demonstrations

Andrea Lara-Garcia, Geography, Tackling Generalizations in Analytic Student Writing

Matteo Tranchero, HAAS School of Business, Mapping theoretical constructs into case-based business teaching

Emily Kang, History of Art, Combatting Theory-Phobia: Addressing Imposter Syndrome through Empathy

Gregory Arena, Integrative Biology, Teaching outside the textbook   

Madeleline Levac, Philosophy, A Collaborative Response to ChatGPT

Britt Leake, Political Science, Not shying away from controversy: teaching students to critically evaluate different perspectives on Middle Eastern politics

Thomas Lee, Philosophy, Enlarging and Improving Feedback on Student Essays.

Faculty Award for Outstanding Mentorship of GSIs

Dr. Diana Negrín da Silva, Lecturer in the Departments of Geography and Ethnic Studies
Kara Nelson, Blum Chancellor’s Chair in Development Engineering and Professor in the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering
Lisa Yan, Assistant Teaching Professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences