In conjunction with the Graduate Council’s Advisory Committee for GSI Affairs, the GSI Teaching & Resource Center annually sponsors four types of awards.

The Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor Award recognizes GSIs who have been nominated for excellence in teaching in their departments.

The Teaching Effectiveness Award for GSIs honors a small number of GSIs who devise solutions to teaching or learning problems they have identified in their classes and write them up in a one-page essay. These essays  are published on the GSI Center website for use by instructors.

The Teagle Foundation Award for Excellence in Enhancing Student Learning gives recent TEA recipients the opportunity to connect effective teaching strategies to the research on how students learn, in a brief essay published on the GSI Center website.

The Faculty Award for Outstanding Mentorship of GSIs acknowledges faculty members who have provided excellent guidance and mentoring to GSIs.

For further information about these awards, please see our Awards FAQ page.

Congratulations 2023 Award Recipients!

Outstanding Graduate Student Instructors

Teaching Effectiveness Award for GSIs

Ethan Boynton, Plant and Microbial Biology, Managing Student Anxiety Surrounding In-Person Learning
Leah Gulyas, Plant and Microbial Biology, Assemble your Team! Harnessing the Power of Teamwork to Promote Student Engagement and Learning
Enze Chen, Materials Science and Engineering, Using Poster Presentations to Promote Science Communication and Student Engagement
Kay Xia, Chemistry, Integrating Social Responsibility into the Graduate Chemistry Curriculum
Morgan Jennings, Film & Media, Monstrous Methods for Closely Reading Film
Kyra Sutton, Rhetoric, That Which Moves: Affect and Analysis
Salvador Gutierrez Peraza, Ethnic Studies, Empathy
Nancy Freitas, Energy and Resources Group, “Yes, and..” in Grant Writing
Ryan Gourley, Music, Experiential Learning with Antiquated Musical Media
Valentín Sierra, Social Welfare, Towards a Red Pedagogy for Social Work Education
Meg Everett, Berkeley School of Education, Learning and Teaching in the Age of AI: Exploring the Use of ChatGPT in Class
Jes Heppler, Philosophy, Building and Repairing Trust in the Classroom
Douglas Van, Political Science, Making Sense in a Whirlwind: Tools to Study Diverse Political Ideas in Diverse Contexts
Joshua Freed, Political Science, Intentional Communication, the Students in the Middle, and Me

Faculty Award for Outstanding Mentorship of GSIs

Justin Davidson, Spanish and Portuguese
Austin Hedeman, Physics
Gireeja Ranade, Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences
Ronit Stahl, History