Graduate students at UC Berkeley can take advantage of a wealth of programs to help them get started and build their expertise as GSIs, and to position themselves for future careers in higher education.

Teaching Conference for First-Time GSIs
Day-long, campuswide conference given each semester to prepare GSIs for teaching; required for all GSIs teaching for the first time at UC Berkeley.

GSI Professional Standards and Ethics Online Course
Required instruction for all first-time GSIs; orients you to issues, options, and assistance in dealing with difficult situations GSIs frequently face.

Workshops, Seminars, and Institutes
Professional development workshops for GSIs on a wide variety of topics related to university teaching and the GSI experience.

Certificate Program in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education
Provides a way for UC Berkeley graduate students to document their development activities as instructors in higher education.

Grant Programs
Grants for GSIs to improve the quality of their courses and for departments to further develop their preparation of GSIs for teaching on the UC Berkeley campus.

The How Students Learn Project
How do students learn best? This initiative makes research from several fields on how students learn accessible for GSIs to apply in their teaching.

Language Proficiency Program
For international graduate students who do not speak English as a native language. English proficiency testing for prospective GSIs, instruction, and other resources.

Consultations with GSI Center Staff
Consultations for individual GSIs and for faculty members in their capacity as mentors to GSIs.

Award Programs
Information about the GSI Center’s award programs and guidelines for submitting nominations.