The How Students Learn project is a multi-year initiative by the GSI Teaching & Resource Center to pull together research from several fields on how students learn and make it available to UC Berkeley GSIs, so that they can apply it to the teaching they do at UC Berkeley and in their later careers. The work has been sponsored by grants from the Teagle Foundation’s Graduate Student Teaching in the Arts and Sciences Initiative.

Among the resources published here you will find talks by UC Berkeley faculty members, from biology, anthropology, cognitive science, psychology, and education, whose research bears on how students learn and how best to organize teaching based on the research.

There are also examples of teaching activities by GSIs and faculty members, and resources for 300-level pedagogy courses, informed by the research presentations.

The How Students Learn Working Group and Speaker Series (Research Presentations)

Applying the Research to Teaching

Select Bibliography on How Students Learn

About the How Students Learn Project


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