GSI Ethics Course 2023-2024

As a part of the campus-wide preparation of GSIs for teaching at UC Berkeley, completing the Online Ethics Course is required of all first-time GSIs before they interact with students (in person or online) in their role as an instructor.* Through this course GSIs learn about policies, practices, and standards that all instructors need to know in order to perform their responsibilities professionally and ethically. The course is structured in five modules:

  • GSI Responsibilities and Ethics
  • Creating Inclusive Classrooms
  • Teaching Students with Disabilities
  • Fostering Academic Integrity
  • Creating an Educational Environment Free of Sexual Harassment

The goal of this online course is to enable GSIs to carry out their responsibilities in a manner that promotes student learning and their own growth as instructors while upholding the professional standards and expectations of the University. Along with the seminar on teaching and learning in higher education that GSIs take in their departments, the Teaching Conference, and the mentoring GSIs receive from the faculty member with whom they teach, this online course provides GSIs with an excellent foundation as they begin to teach at Berkeley. Please see the following pages for further information about the online course:

  *Although the course is intended for first-time GSIs, any instructor, student, or staff member on the campus can enroll in and take the course. The Graduate Council of the Academic Senate sets the policy for first-time GSIs (Graduate Council Policy on Appointments and Mentoring of GSIs), and the GSI Teaching & Resource Center offers the course.