Role and Mission
Location and Contact Information
Disability Accommodation

Role and Mission

The Graduate Student Instructor Teaching & Resource Center is an academic unit of the Graduate Division that prepares graduate students for teaching undergraduates at UC Berkeley and for the teaching they will do in future academic and nonacademic careers. We also work closely with faculty and the departments to assist them in the mentoring and teaching preparation they offer graduate students We are guided in our work by the Advisory Committee for GSI Affairs, a sub-committee of the Academic Senate’s Graduate Council that includes both faculty and graduate student members.

We provide conferences, workshops, seminars, confidential consultations, classroom observations (with or without video-recording), grants, awards, an online teaching guide, and a robust web-based course on professional standards and ethics in teaching. We also provide language testing and specialized courses for current and prospective international GSIs at UC Berkeley. We offer a Certificate Program in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, which provides evidence of GSIs’ development activities as instructors for their curriculum vitae. For advanced graduate students we offer, in collaboration with the Graduate Division’s Academic Services unit, the Summer Institute for Preparing Future Faculty and the SMART program. For faculty who teach with GSIs we offer an annual, three-afternoon seminar on Teaching with GSIs.

Location and Contact Information

GSI Teaching & Resource Center
301 Sproul Hall #5900
University of California
Berkeley, CA 94720-5900
Office Hours 9–12, 1–4


The GSI Center is overseen by the Vice Provost for Graduate Studies and Dean of the Graduate Division and guided by the Faculty Advisory Committee for GSI Affairs, a subcommittee of the Academic Senate’s Graduate Council.

2016-2017 members of the Faculty Advisory Committee for GSI Affairs
Name Department Address Email
Jeffrey Reimer, Chair Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering 201 Gilman Hall,
MC 1462
Eric Falci English Hearst Field Annex, Bldg. B,
MC 1030
Lewis Feldman Plant and Microbial Biology 111 Koshland Hall,
MC 3102
Terry Johnson Bioengineering 306 Stanley Hall, MC 1762
Jane Mauldon School of Public Policy 2607 Hearst Avenue,
MC 7320
Laura Stoker Political Science 210 Barrows Hall,
MC 1950
Kim Voss Graduate Division 424 Sproul Hall,
MC 5900
Jesse Cordes Selbin English Hearst Field Annex, Bldg. B,
MC 1030
Sonia Travaglini Mechanical Engineering 6141 Etcheverry Hall,
MC 1740

Disability Accommodation

Conference and Workshop Registration
Pre-registration for most of our events is set up 24/7 on web-based forms. However, if you are unable to register using these forms, please call us by phone at 642-4456 during regular hours or send us an email message at

Disability Accommodations for Events
If you require accommodations to take part in one of our events, please contact the GSI Teaching & Resource Center at 642-4456 during regular hours or send us an email message at ten days prior to the event.