The Faculty Award for Outstanding Mentorship of GSIs is presented annually to faculty members who have provided outstanding pedagogical mentorship to GSIs. Recipients of this award are asked to provide a statement of their GSI mentoring philosophy. Click on the linked names below to read their statements.

If you are a GSI or former GSI wishing to nominate one of your faculty mentors, or you want further information about the award, please visit the mentor nomination page.

Congratulations to the 2023 Recipients

Justin Davidson, Spanish and Portuguese
Austin Hedeman, Physics
Gireeja Ranade, Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences
Ronit Stahl, History

Previous Years’ Recipients

1999 Lewis Feldman, Professor, Plant and Microbial Biology
2000 Joseph Cerny, Professor, Chemistry; former Dean of the Graduate Division
2001 Christina Maslach, Professor, Psychology; Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education
2002 Martin Covington, Professor, Psychology; Presidential Chair in Undergraduate Education
2003 Joseph J. Duggan, Professor, Comparative Literature and French; Associate Dean, Graduate Division
2004 Martin Berman, Lecturer, Theatre, Dance and Performance Studies
2004 Michael Clancy, Senior Lecturer, Computer Science
2004 Kevis Goodman, Associate Professor, English
2004 Gail Offen-Brown, Lecturer, College Writing Programs
2004 Stephen Tobriner, Professor, Architecture
2005 Dana Buntrock, Associate Professor, Architecture
2005 Ole Hald, Professor, Mathematics
2005 John McNamara, Lecturer, Art Practice
2005 Steven Vogel, Professor, Political Science
2006 Janet Adelman, Professor and Chair, English
2006 Michelle Douskey, Lecturer, Chemistry
2006 Paul Groth, Professor, Architecture
2006 John Hurst, Professor, Education
2006 Rosemary Joyce, Professor and Chair, Anthropology
2007 Michael Burawoy, Professor, Sociology
2007 Robin Einhorn, Professor, History
2007 Nikolaus Euba, Lecturer, German
2007 Susan Schweik, Professor, English
2007 Sonia S’hiri, Lecturer, Near Eastern Studies
2007 Jeffery Winer, Professor, Molecular and Cell Biology
2008 Seda Chavdarian, Senior Lecturer, French
2008 Steven Goldsmith, Associate Professor, English
2008 Claire Kramsch, Professor, German
2008 Lisa Little, Lecturer, Slavic Languages and Literatures
2009 Gillian Hart, Professor, Geography
2009 Margaretta Lovell, History of Art
2009 Lisa Pruitt, Mechanical Engineering
2009 Robert Reich, Professor, Goldman School of Public Policy
2009 Gordon Silverstein, Assistant Professor, Political Science
2010 Charles Benton, Professor, Architecture
2010 Ellie Schindelman, Lecturer, Public Health
2010 Garrison Sposito, Professor, Environmental Science, Policy, and Management
2011 Susan Muller, Professor, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
2012 Maura Nolan, Associate Professor, English
2012 Cori Hayden, Professor, Anthropology
2012 Patina Mendez, Lecturer, Environmental Science, Policy, and Management
2012 Sophia Rabe-Hesketh, Professor, Graduate School of Education
2013 Penelope Edwards, Professor, South and Southeast Asian Studies
2013 Kinch Hoekstra, Assistant Professor, Political Science
2013 Glynda Hull, Professor, Graduate School of Education
2013 Jeffrey Romm, Professor, Environmental Science, Policy, and Management
2014 Lynn Huntsinger, Associate Professor, Environmental Science, Policy, and Management
2015 Sabrina Agarwal, Assistant Professor, Anthropology
2015 David Henkin, Professor, History
2015 Martha Olney, Adjunct Professor, Economics
2015 Anant Sahai, Associate Professor, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
2016 Rodolfo John Alaniz, Lecturer, History
2016 Gail Brager, Professor, Architecture
2016 Kathryn DeMaster, Assistant Professor, Agriculture, Society, and Environment
2017 Steven Justice, Chancellor’s Professor, English
2017 Angela Marino, Assistant Professor, Theater, Dance, and Performance Studies
2018 Julia Bryan-Wilson, Professor, History of Art
2018 Khalid Kadir, Lecturer, International and Area Studies
2018 Clayton Radke, Professor, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
2018 Robert Sharf, Professor, East Asian Languages and Cultures
2019 Ani Adhikari, Teaching Professor, Statistics
2019 Sarah Gold McBride, Visiting Lecturer, History
2019 Charles Marshall, Professor, Integrative Biology
2019 Teresa Puthussery, Assistant Professor, Optometry and Vision Science
2020 Robin Ball, Lecturer, Molecular and Cell Biology
2020 Abigail De Kosnik, Director, Berkeley Center for New Media; Associate Professor, Theater, Dance, and Performance Studies
2020 C. Namwali Serpell, Associate Professor, English
2021 Cati V. de los Ríos, Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Education
2021 Karen Feldman, Professor, Department Chair, German
2021 Maryani Palupy Rasidjan, Lecturer, Environmental Science, Policy, and Management
2021 Mary Wildermuth, Associate Professor, Plant and Microbial Biology
2022 Sandra McCoy, Professor in Residence, School of Public Health
2022 Christopher Muller, Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology
2022 Ula Y. Taylor, Professor & 1960 Chair of Undergraduate Education, Department of African American Studies

2023 Justin Davidson, Spanish and Portuguese
2023 Austin Hedeman, Physics
2023 Gireeja Ranade, Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences
2023 Ronit Stahl, History