2009–2010 Recipients

Champney, Danielle (Education), Using Prediction, Competition, and Reflection to Make Connections in Calculus II

Cronquist Browning, Catherine (English), Ethical Engagement: Practical Solutions for Addressing Plagiarism in the Writing Classroom

Hamilton, Emily (History), Playing Teacher: Adding Predictive Power to Students’ Toolboxes

Kayiatos, Anastasia (Slavic), (Feminist) Dreams Really Do Come True

Lee, Aaron (Astronomy), Bringing Astronomy Down to Earth: A Teaching Strategy That Helps Develop Intuition

Oehlberg, Lora (Mechanical Engineering), A Hands-On Approach to User Interface Prototyping

Parson, Rahul Bjørn (South and Southeast Asian Studies), Language Pedagogy as a Group Effort

Sergi, Matthew (English), A People’s History of the English Language: Dialect Communities

Shade, Jessica (Integrative Biology), Encouraging Deep Learning in an Introductory Course

Ullman, Julie (Molecular and Cell Biology), Teaching Students How to Create a Picture Worth a Thousand Words

Zupsich, Gina (French), Free in Theory: Teaching Gender in Historical Perspective

2008–2009 Recipients

Akturk, Sener (Political Science), Negotiating European Integration Yourself: Role Playing, Simulations, and Counterfactuals in Teaching Political Science

Arpaia, Nicholas. (Molecular and Cell Biology), Training Molecular MacGyvers Using the Immunologist’s Toolbox

Bruno, Paul (Physics; Home Department: Education), Helping Students Learn (and Effectively Use) What They Already Know

Cecire, Natalia (English), Creating a Research Community

Chou, Seemay (Molecular and Cell Biology), Teaching Young Scientists to Speak the Way They Think

Clark, Christopher (Integrative Biology), Improving Biology Papers through Peer Review

Chang, Charles (Linguistics), Fun with Phonetics on a Saturday: Bringing Linguistics Up to Date with the Other Sciences

Harris, Zoe (Public Health), From Theory to Obama: Innovative Teaching Methods to Increase Participation

Jasper, Kathryn (History), The Fourth Crusade Charges into the Classroom

Morazes, Jennifer, MSW (Social Welfare), “Why Don’t They Just Go Get Help Themselves?” Illustrating the Challenges of Accessing Social Services

Nataraj, Shanthi (Agricultural & Resource Economics; Home Department: Economics), Applying Economic Concepts to Environmental Problems

Pepper, Timothy (Classics), Teaching the Ancient Greek Optative and Subjunctive by Staging Cultural Practice

Purcell, Jason (Political Science), Teaching the 3-Speed Class

Siauw, Ko-Ay Timmy (College of Engineering ), The E7 Robot Tournament

2007–2008 Recipients

Alexander, Sereeta (Education), Creating Collaborative In-class Activities: Minimizing the Diffusion of Responsibility and Disinterest during Group Work

Babel, Molly (Linguistics), Externalizing Analyses and Bridging Sub-Disciplines

DeNero, John (Electrical Engineering and Computer Science), Now Students, Don’t Forget to Play your Video Games

Dimova, Polina (Comparative Literature), The Theory Scare: Teaching Students How to Grasp Abstract Ideas

Divita, David (French), Shaking up the Standard in a French Phonetics Course

Foose, Ladan (Chemical Engineering), Searching for the “Big Picture”

Gravendyk, Hillary (English), Poetry and the Scientific Method

Kohen, Naomi (Material Science and Engineering), The Kitchen as a Laboratory

Leite, Naomi (Anthropology), Introducing Course Themes through Experiential Learning: A First-Section Activity

Macdonald, Sarah (Sociology), Encouraging Critical Thinking through Exam Preparation

Stephanopoulos, Nicholas (Chemistry), Making the Connections: Dissecting Fatty Acid Biosynthesis

Underhill, Justin (History of Art), The Power of Observation in situ (by Proxy)

Vendetti, Jann (Integrative Biology), Understanding Biological Shape with Pipe Cleaners: An Exercise in Integrating Multiple Learning Styles

2006–2007 Recipients

Cattaneo, Matias (Economics), Teaching Students with Diverse Backgrounds

Chau, Angela (Bioengineering), Learn at Your Own Pace

Gehlawat, Monika (English), Critical Objectivity and Sentence Style Improvement

Goodrich, Maria (Integrative Biology), Using a Focal Organism as a Teaching Tool in General Biology

Held, Robert (Bioengineering), Interaction and Integration: How to Teach Students with Varying Expertise

Herrera, Veronica (Political Science), Reversing Roles: How would Your Students Devise a Section Lesson Plan?

Lebsack, Sonya (Legal Studies), Teaching Critical Skills in Legal Studies

McGuire, Jennifer (Integrative Biology), Instilling Effective Study Skills in Students: Start Early, Know Your Weaknesses

Olsen, Carl (Scandinavian), Creative Writing and the Horizon of Expectations

Ramey, James (Comparative Literature), Making It Fun: Framing Literary Discussion as a Social Practice

Sparrey, Carolyn (Mechanical Engineering), Implementing the Scientific Learning Cycle in the Confines of a Classroom

Steele, Ryan (Chemistry), A Voice in the Sciences

Su, James (Vision Science), Stretching the Field of View

Westbrook, Laurel (Sociology), Drawing to Learn: One Way to Teach to Multiple Learning Styles

2005–2006 Recipients

Comerford, Julia (Astronomy) Teaching by (Bad) Example

Fedyk, Tatiana (Business Administration), Hide and Go Seek, or Could We Play with Accounting?

Freedman, Benjamin (Molecular and Cell Biology) Teaching Mitosis and Meiosis Using Metaphor and Play-Acting

Haig, Kenneth (Political Science), Finding Ways that Everyone Can Contribute Creatively: Using Visual Learning Techniques and Small-Group Exercises to Promote Cooperative Learning

Hicks, Susan (Geography), Getting on the Same Page

Mahiri, Jelani (Anthropology), An Exercise in Writing Descriptive Field Notes for Anthropological Research

Jason Ng (Vision Science), Utilizing a Unifying Experiment to Enhance Conceptual Integration

Nieh, Ari (Mathematics) Dispelling the Fear of Proofs

Perley, Daniel (Astronomy), Solar System on a Laptop: Visualizing the Dynamic Universe

Sargent, Matthew (History), Teaching the “Errors of the Past”

Sinek, Wendy (Political Science), Conquering “40% of the Grade”: Interactive Strategies for Helping Students Prepare for Comprehensive Final Exams

Sterling, Nichole (Scandinavian), Creativity in the Composition Classroom

Trahanovsky, Mary (Materials Science and Engineering), Motivating Students with Choice

von Morzé, Leonard (English), Sources into Evidence; or, Rethinking the Research Requirement in Reading and Composition Courses