Essays are available in hard copy in the GSI Teaching & Resource Center.


1999–2000 Recipients

Current, Brian, (Music), Hearing John Cage: An Approach to Introducing Ambient Music

Dawson, Steve, (Astronomy), Kinesthesis in Science: Where Red Rover Meets Quantum Mechanics

Dekel, Edan, (Classics), Reciting Latin Verse

Dosh, Paul, (Political Science), Encouraging and Affirming Diverse Forms of Class Participation

Elkins, Kate (Comparative Literature), Non-Standard Approaches to Post-modernist Literature

Gelbart, Matthew, (Music), Cultural and Communicative Approaches to Teaching Music

Kauffman, Alexander, (Integrative Biology), Teaching to Different Modes of Learning

O’Brien, Terry, (Integrative Biology), An Example of the Use of Frameworks in Skills-Based Learning

Richard, Anne Marie, (Education), Not Exactly Dick and Jane: Using Children’s Books to Make Theory Accessible

Thornton, Joel, (Chemistry), Chemistry: The Other Foreign Language

Zemgulys, Andrea, (English), From Description to Analysis

1998–1999 Recipients

Essays for this academic year are available in hard copy in the GSI Teaching & Resource Center.

Acker, Robert (Geography), Using Field Work to Spark Student Involvement

Barrett, Faith (Comparative Literature), Teaching Emily Dickinson’s Manuscripts

Brown, Shana (History), What’s in a Source? Teaching Historical Methodology

Hosler, Jacob (Music), Assistance from Amadeus

Masyn, Katherine E. (Biostatistics), Teaching the Art of Statistics: Reading, Writing, and Discussing Statistical Literature

Matzek, Virginia (Environmental Science, Policy, and Management), “Keeping Field Trips on Target”

Roberts, Sarah (French), Francophone Focus

Rubinoff, Daniel (Environmental Science, Policy, and Management), Nocturnal Insects and Field Journals in Introductory Entomology

Shepardson, Dylan Todd, (Physics), Building Intuition in Lower Division Physics Students

Skov, Joshua (Economics), Before the Forest, the Trees: A Small-Mistake-Elimination Exercise for Building Writing Awareness

Stecker, George Christopher (Psychology), Teaching Perceptual Aspects of Sound Using Real-Time Signal Processing Software

Thompson, Anna (Integrative Biology), The Lab Report: Does It Have to be Torture?

Waggett, Caryl (Environmental Science, Policy, and Management), The Art of Public Speaking in Environment Sciences: Meeting the Challenge of Effective Communication

1997–1998 Recipients

Essays for this academic year are available in hard copy in the GSI Teaching & Resource Center.

Armstrong, Sarah (Jurisprudence and Social Policy), no title

Dore, Florence W. (English), Teaching How to Write With Close Readings

Hall, Melonie A. (Chemistry), no title

Hsu, Eric (Mathematics), no title

Lessard, Stephen (Music), Performing Identity Through Mien Song

Michaelsen, Kaarin (History), Image as Text in the French Revolution

Nair, Stella Elise (Architecture), no title

Rivas, Victor R. (Spanish and Portuguese), no title

Scheiber, Laura L. (Anthropology), Active Learning Teaching in Anthropology

Shannon, Joshua A. (History of Art), no title

Stulberg, Lisa Michele (Sociology), no title

Vollmer, Rebecca (History), no title

Wall, Dennis Paul (Integrative Biology), Evolutionary Relationships: How Do We Figure Them Out?

White, Jerry (Architecture), A Chalkboard Ice-Breaker

Wilkins, Kimball (English), Fulfilling the “Reading” Component

1996–1997 Recipients

Essays for this academic year are available in hard copy in the GSI Teaching & Resource Center.

Banks, Sarah (Comparative Literature), The Power of Debate

Chartrand, Rick (Mathematics), The Homework Workshop

Dean, Emily Marie (Anthropology), Active Learning in Introduction to Archaeology

Hokanson, Jim (Human Biodynamics), Mitochondrial Function: Group Project for Determination of Unknowns

Jacoby, Rachel (Near Eastern Studies), Debunking Stereotypes in the Foreign Language Classroom

Kim, Grace Kumjae (Sociology), Breaking the Rules: Getting Students to Think Creatively About Methods

McCann, Jerry C. (Civil and Environmental Engineering), Construction Methodologies: Tilt-Up Construction

McWeeney, Shannon K. (Integrative Biology), Integrating Ideas and Interests

Narain, Urvashi (Agricultural and Resource Economics), Instant Karma

Pole, Nnamdi (Psychology), The Scientific Basis of Psychotherapy: An Undergraduate Seminar

Spiller, Henry (Music), Musical Description and the “Mozart Debate”

Tang, Scott H. (History), Making Sense and Nonsense of it All: An Assignment for Teaching the Lived Experience of History

Tinsley, Teresann (English), Another Approach to Class Discussion

Weber-Band, Janine (Geology and Geophysics), Hands-on Demonstration Materials in Geology Instruction

Zelner, Bennet (Business Administration), Balanced Teaching in the Face of Heterogeneous Learning Needs

1995–1996 Recipients

Essays for this academic year are available in hard copy in the GSI Teaching & Resource Center.

Anderson, Kirsten L. (Rhetoric), Peer Review and Revision System

DeWitt, Mark (Music), Lecturing on Material that Many Students Find Aesthetically Repugnant

Dolbey, Andrew (Scandinavian), Experiencing Language in Context: A Visit to the Local Norwegian Church

Dumas, Christopher F. (Agricultural and Resource Economics), Resource Economics on the Information Superhighway

Guenzler, Darla (Environmental Science, Policy, and Management), The Use of Mediation for Resolving Environmental and Natural Resource Issue Disputes

Hoeckley, Cheri Larsen (English), Reading, Writing, and Research?: Making Room in a Reading and Composition Course

Ivanova, Maranatha (Political Science), Thinking Differently About Thinking

Johnson, Lori A. (Political Science), Political Perspectives on Street Corners

Martin, Susan D. (Spanish and Portuguese), Improving the Dynamics of Communication in Writing

Oglesby, Elizabeth (Geography), American Cultures: At the Border

Scharf, Amy (Education), Community Projects: Putting Knowledge into Action

Selig, Diana (History), Learning How to Write Essay Exams

Sklar, Leonard (Geology and Geophysics), Motivating Students in Introductory Science Classes Through Group Work

Hippel, Frank von (Integrative Biology), Studying Primate Grooming to Learn How to Formulate and Test Hypotheses