2014–2015 Recipients

Courtois de Vicose, Alexandra, History of Art, What Is It to Truly “See” and How to Deal with the Unseen

Fleishman, Kathryn, English, To Risk an Argument: Tweeting towards Independent Theses in English R1B

Hellmich, Emily A., French (Home Department: Education), Becoming Your Own Dictionary: Increasing Participation and Communicative Confidence through Semiotic Brainstorming

Herring, Chris, Sociology, Sketching Social Theory Collectively

Hlatshwayo, Sandile, Economics, The Tipping Point: Encouraging Inclusive Participation through Productive Failure in a Highly Diverse Student Setting

Kaletzky, Marianne, Comparative Literature, Translating from Shakespeare to Modernism: An Experiment in How Form Affects Meaning

Kitamata-Wong, Britney, Integrative Biology, (Home Department: Optometry), A Clinical Approach to Human Anatomy

Siddiq, Auyon, Industrial Engineering and Operations Research, Bridging Mathematical Models and Managerial Decisions

Smith, Tobias, Jurisprudence and Social Policy, Attending to Attendance

Springthorpe, Dwight, Integrative Biology, Interdisciplinary Team Peer-to-Peer Learning with Guided Inquiry

Srinivasan, Ragini Tharoor, Rhetoric, Staging the Exchange: Learning to Read and Write Beyond Similarity and Opposition

Stark, Tammy, Linguistics, The Semester-Long Research Project Reimagined

Steward, Shelly, Sociology, Integrating Sociology into Students’ Lives through Twitter

Ye, Rong “Rocky,” Chemistry, Achieving Higher Efficiency in Chemistry Labs Using Electronic Scheduling

2013–2014 Recipients

Axelson, Jordan (Chemistry), The Importance of Implicit Feature Awareness for Problem Solving in Organic Chemistry

Coderre, Laurence (East Asian Languages and Cultures), Moving Beyond Plot Summary: Doing Things with Words

Cordes Selbin, Jesse (English), Empowered Learning: History, Collaboratively

Delaire, Caroline (Civil and Environmental Engineering), Intuition is What You Need to Take Home!

Greenwald, Jordan (Comparative Literature), Interpretation as Staging: A Lesson on Dramatic Literature

Harkey, Anna (Anthropology), Bringing Archaeological Theory “Down to Earth”

Knight, Nicholas (Electrical Engineering and Computer Science), Help Them Help Themselves!

Kurd, Nadia (Molecular and Cell Biology), A Solution for Inclusion: Keeping Advanced Students Stimulated Without Leaving Others Behind

Painter, Genevieve (Jurisprudence and Social Policy), Consensus Techniques for Learning Together

Piazza, Elise (Undergraduate and Interdisciplinary Studies; Home Department: Vision Science), Achieving Widespread Participation through Evidence-Based Classroom Discourse

Scoggins, Suzanne (International and Area Studies; Home Department: Political Science), Encouraging Full Participation in Section

Theerakarn, Thunwa (Mathematics), Developing Interactive Applets to Help Students Visualize Multivariable Calculus

Wesp, Julie (Anthropology), The Hip Bone is Connected to the Thigh Bone: Fostering Higher-Order Learning by Not Answering Students’ Questions

Yau, Elaine (History of Art), Starting with Art for the First Time

2012–2013 Recipients

Benca, Jeffrey (Integrative Biology), Teaching Students ‘Street Smarts’ Necessary for Navigating Peer-Reviewed Literature

Bliss, Daniel (Molecular and Cell Biology; Home Department: Helen Wills Neuroscience Institute), Fostering the Ability to Think Like an Experimenter in a Lecture Course

Crawford, Lindsay (Philosophy), Confidence and the Character of Discussion: Attending to Framing Effects

Hollenback, Justin (Civil and Environmental Engineering), Teaching Effectiveness Essay

Johnson, Jennifer (Linguistics; Home Department: Education), Engaging with the Thesis Statement: Developing Metacognitive Skills in the Classroom through Peer Sharing, Peer Review, and Self-Review

Leyba, Ashley (History), Expanding the Classroom: Using bSpace to Encourage Student-Driven Discussion

Mangin, Sarah (English), Elusive Allusions: Discovering Kafka in Coetzee

Miroshnikova, Yekaterina (Molecular and Cell Biology; Home Department: Bioengineering), Breaking Down the Barriers Inhibiting Effective Learning Environments

Rabanes, Raphaëlle (Anthropology), Queering Anthropology: A Lived Experience of Critical Knowledge Production

Rubin, Anna (Public Policy), Policy Consulting Simulations as a Tool for Understanding and Applying Economic Concepts

Szarke, Margot (French), Making and Supporting an Argument

Tabrizian, Peyam (Mathematics), The Advantages of Rearranging the Topics Covered in a Course

Turner, Ryan (Astronomy; Home Department: Earth and Planetary Science), Seeing for Yourself

Xin, Wendy (English), X-Axis, Y-Axis, and Zzzz’s: Plotting Narrative at 8 AM

2011–2012 Recipients

Chihaya, Sarah (Comparative Literature), References without Referents (Or, How My Class Learned to Start Worrying and Love Thomas Pynchon)

Coleman, William (History of Art), Self-Portraiture as a Teaching Tool

Elliott, Rebecca (Sociology), Maximizing the Impact of GSI Feedback through Reflections on Writing

Fisher, Mark (Political Science), Providing Skills, Not Summaries: Improving Reading Comprehension in Political Theory

Fornasini, Francesca (Astronomy), “Is This Right?” Building Confidence in Scientific Reasoning

Hengesbach, Conrad (Mathematics), The Challenges of Teaching in Summer Session

Krasnow, Kevin (Environmental Science, Policy, and Management), Understanding Long-Term Ecological Change with Tree Rings

McGraw, Marquise (Economics), Incorporating Active Learning and Technology into Teaching Economics

Mead, Christopher (English), Sacrifice and Literature (not published at recipient’s request)

Roudbari, Shawhin (Architecture), Using Students’ Design Work to Teach Design Theory and Criticism

Schwartz, Sonja (Environmental Science, Policy, and Management), Beyond Bean Counting: A New Laboratory to Teach the Concepts of Microevolution

Wolfson, Amy (African American Studies), The End of Romance: Teaching Students to Rethink ‘Wild’ Africa

2010–2011 Recipients

Elcioglu, Ermine Fidan (Sociology), Reading Theory with Courage: One Way to Teach Critical Reading Skills

Figueroa-Clarevega, Alejandra (Molecular & Cell Biology), Building the Big Picture

Frey, Emily (Music), Teaching Basic Musicianship: An Ode to Chaos

Huang, Lynn (English), Anatomy of an Essay

Jackson, Stacy (Energy and Resources Group), An Effective Review Session (without Teaching to the Test)

Kidder, Allison (Environmental Science, Policy, and Management), Bringing Concepts to Life through Field Trips

Langin-Hooper, Stephanie (Near Eastern Studies), Multi-Sensory Windows into Ancient Near Eastern Archaeology

Smith, Jessica (Chemistry), A Pre-Lab Assignment for a More Efficient and Effective Laboratory

Switz, Neil (Biophysics), Teaching Quantitative Optical Filter Choice as Part of Practical Microscopy

Tanner, Sean (Public Policy), A “Tradeoffs” Method for Soliciting Student Feedback