Midterm teaching evaluations hold strong advantages for a GSI. They allow you to understand how students are experiencing your section so that you can make adjustments in the second half of the semester. They affirm the instructional practices you are using that are helping your students learn, and they enable you to make informed choices for the remainder of the semester. They also allow you to step back and get some perspective on your teaching, which can help you reflect and set goals for developing your teaching skills.

For information on how to conduct a productive midterm evaluation of teaching, including sample formats, please see “Conducting a Midterm Evaluation” in the Teaching Guide for GSIs.

To fulfill the Certificate Program Level I requirement to use a midterm teaching evaluation, GSIs need to conduct the evaluation, analyze the results, and write up a one- or two-page reflection that outlines the following:

  1. The course name and number, the date you conducted the midterm evaluation, and the number of students and evaluations
  2. A summary of what you learned from the input received from the students, both about your teaching and about the students’ learning (look for trending rather than individual comments)
  3. Changes you will make and goals you will set for your teaching as a result of the midterm assessment.

This reflection, along with the form you use, must be included in the Level I teaching portfolio.

If you would like to discuss your approach to doing midterm evaluations or the results you receive and how to respond to them, please fill out a consultation request form or contact the GSI Teaching & Resource Center at [email protected] to set up an appointment with a Teaching Consultant.