If you will be grading essays, you may want to practice with one of the following essay examples. If you work in the sciences, you may want to work with the physics homework problem (below the essay examples).

Student Essays

Open a generic essay rubric in a separate tab or window. Choose one of the sample papers linked below and grade it, using the linked rubric. You might start by focusing on a single trait listed in the rubric, such as “Organization.”

Does Travel Influence What’s Good to Eat and Bad to Eat? (pdf)
Dehumanization in Laissez-Faire Capitalist World (pdf)
Parmenides (pdf)

Physics Homework Problem

Try practicing with both the analytic and holistic rubrics.

Problem Statement

John throws a baseball with speed v = 5 m/s at an angle θ = 60° relative to the ground. What is the maximum height the ball reaches?

Solution 1 (pdf)
Solution 2 (pdf)
Solution 3 (pdf)

After grading

How do the two methods compare in efficiency of grading, effectiveness in providing learning feedback to students and overall fairness of scoring? Comparing notes with a fellow GSI can also be very illuminating. Are there any adjustments you would make to the rubrics?