If you will be grading essays, you may want to practice with one of the following essay examples. If you work in the sciences, you may want to work with the physics homework problem (below the essay examples).

Student Essays

Open a generic essay rubric in a separate tab or window. Choose one of the sample papers linked below and grade it, using the linked rubric. You might start by focusing on a single trait listed in the rubric, such as “Organization.”

Does Travel Influence What’s Good to Eat and Bad to Eat? (pdf)
Dehumanization in Laissez-Faire Capitalist World (pdf)
Parmenides (pdf)

Physics Homework Problem

A free electron of mass m 0 is initially at rest until a photon of energy E Compton scatters off of it. Find the equation describing the maximum recoil energy of the electron and evaluate it for E = 1 MeV.

Solution 1 (pdf)
Solution 2 (pdf)
Solution 3 (pdf)
Solution 4 (pdf)
Solution 5 (pdf)

Holistic rubric closely based on one by Bruce Birkett and Andrew Elby:

Points If…
5 The student clearly understands how to solve the problem. Minor mistakes and careless errors can appear insofar as they do not indicate a conceptual misunderstanding.
4 The student understands the main concepts and problem-solving techniques, but has some minor yet non-trivial gaps in their reasoning.
3 The student has partially understood the problem. The student is not completely lost, but requires tutoring in some of the basic concepts. The student may have started out correctly, but gone on a tangent or not finished the problem.
2 The student has a poor understanding of the problem. The student may have gone in a not-entirely-wrong but unproductive direction, or attempted to solve the problem using pattern matching or by rote.
1 The student did not understand the problem. They may have written some appropriate formulas or diagrams, but nothing further. Or, they may have done something entirely wrong.
0 The student wrote nothing or almost nothing.

Used with permission.