Members of the faculty who pedagogy courses for new GSIs have highlighted several areas in particular in which first-time GSIs need training. These topics are addressed in the GSI Teaching & Resource Center’s Teaching Guide for GSIs.

Developing a lesson plan

  • Defining learning objectives
  • Selecting learning activities
  • Creating a lesson plan
  • Evaluating a class session afterward

Time management

  • How to keep teaching preparation and grading hours within paid time
  • The semester is “lumpy”: expect midterm and end-of-term crunches
  • Managing class time: getting back on track when student questions take class off track

Grading student work

  • Understanding faculty member’s expectations of student work and of GSIs’ grading
  • How to keep grading practices consistent among sections
  • Creating course policies that protect GSIs from unjustified requests for regrades

Professional etiquette

  • Using word choice and courtesy appropriate for the professional setting
  • Treating staff members with respect
  • Being a colleague to other GSIs and a junior colleague to the faculty member

Working with faculty members

  • Negotiating differences with the faculty member and among GSIs
  • Understanding the faculty member’s expectations for grading
  • Respecting a faculty member’s approach when it differs from one’s own

Understanding students’ intellectual growth

Developing a teaching philosophy

  • How to make explicit the beliefs that support and drive one’s teaching (see GSI Center materials on developing a teaching portfolio)