Beyond Bland: Inspiring Perceptive and Original Literary Interpretations

by Bristin Jones, Comparative Literature Teaching Effectiveness Award Essay, 2018 In my first semester teaching Reading and Composition (R&C) in the Comparative Literature department, I realized that one of the most significant challenges undergraduates face in engaging with literary texts is producing thought-provoking thesis statements and arguments. After years of Continue Reading >>

Looking for a Great Activity to Use in Your Classroom?

Don’t reinvent the wheel! These one-page, Teaching Effectiveness Award activities designed by GSIs are a gold mine of effective teaching practices. Peruse more than 200 essays by topic or by department and adapt them for use in your classroom.

Congratulations 2017 Award Recipients!

In April and May the campus celebrates outstanding GSIs and their outstanding faculty mentors. In addition, 14 of the outstanding GSIs received the Teaching Effectiveness Award for their essays on teaching strategies they have devised or adapted for their students. Recipient names and Teaching Effectiveness Award essays are posted on Continue Reading >>

Grading Student Work Fairly and Efficiently

GSIs can keep grading time manageable and maintain consistency among students and across sections by using grading rubrics. For step-by-step instructions and excellent overall advice about grading, see the Grading Student Work section of the online Teaching Guide GSIs.

Fall Semester Start-Up Information

There are many things to think about, find out, plan for, and organize as your teaching semester approaches. The Pre-semester Preparation chapter of the Online Teaching Guide for GSIs provides ways to pull them all together. We also recommend Must-See Policies and Resources for GSIs and Working as a GSI: Continue Reading >>

R&C Workshop Added to Fall Series

Researchers in college composition and second-language acquisition have a lot to say about correction and feedback strategies on student papers, especially when improvement of student writing skills is the dominant objective. In this workshop, GSIs will explore some of the research and, using samples of student writing, work on feedback strategies that Continue Reading >>

Responding to Hate Speech

Incidents of hate speech can increase stress for already-stressed students and instructors, especially for members of groups targeted by hate speech. What are some helpful ways to respond in the GSI role? Two new resource pages from the University of Michigan address this question: Responding to Incidents of Hate Speech Continue Reading >>

GSIs and the Science of Learning

How are the roles of GSIs and faculty different? Does students’ laptop use in class affect their learning? What are the best conditions for students to learn in GSI-led sections and labs? Silvia Bunge introduces research on student perceptions of GSIs, factors that influence learning, and recommendations for GSIs in Continue Reading >>

Sproul Hall Access: January 1 to March 31

The sole elevator in Sproul Hall will undergo renovation and be unavailable from January 1 to March 31, 2019. During this period, the GSI Teaching & Resource Center will be accessible only via the stairs. If you are unable to use the stairs to access our services, please email or Continue Reading >>