Resource People for Pedagogy Courses for First-Time GSIs

Topic Name and Title Email
Teaching Portfolio/
Teaching Statement
Linda von Hoene, Director
GSI Teaching & Resource Center
Working with Student Writing Kim Starr-Reid, Assistant Director
GSI Teaching & Resource Center
Assessing Teaching and Learning Linda von Hoene
Doing Midterm Assessments Linda von Hoene
Creating a Grading Rubric Linda von Hoene
Kim Starr-Reid
Syllabus & Course Design
GSI Center Staff
Transferable Skills of Teaching Linda von Hoene
Diversity and Inclusion in the Classroom Michel Estefan, Teaching Consultant
GSI Teaching & Resource Center
Teaching Library Research Skills Jennifer Dorner
Head, Instructional Services
Doe/Moffitt Libraries
Using bCourses Paula Miranda
Instructional Technologist and Support Lead, Educational Technology Services
Race and Gender Issues in the Classroom Maria Padilla
Manager, Compliance Education, Office for Prevention of Discrimination and Harassment
Conflict Resolution and Pro-Active Communication Marcia Gee Riley, Director and Student Ombudsperson, Ombuds Office for Students and Postdoctoral Appointees
Plagiarism, Cheating, Student Code of Conduct Center for Student Conduct
Helping Undergraduates Deal with Stress and Mental Health Issues Sue Bell
Counseling Psychologist, University Health Services
Campus Safety UCPD Crime Prevention Office
Advising International Undergraduate Students Catherine Berberich
International Student and Scholar Advisor, Berkeley International Office