Seminar for Faculty on Teaching with GSIs

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Each year the GSI Teaching & Resource Center offers a three-afternoon seminar for faculty on how to work effectively with GSIs and provide GSIs guidance and mentoring in teaching. This year’s three-session seminar will take place on November 5, November 12, and November 19, 2014 from 3 to 5 p.m. To enroll, please go to

Topics to be addressed in this year’s seminar include:

  • Specific strategies for working well with GSIs and connecting the work of section to that of the larger course
  • Guiding the work of GSIs in grading student work
  • Giving feedback to GSIs and conducting productive classroom observations
  • Helping GSIs teach according to how students learn

The following recipients of the Faculty Award for Outstanding Mentorship of GSIs will share successful practices they use in working with GSIs:

  • Michelle Douskey, Chemistry
  • Rosemary Joyce, Anthropology
  • Claire Kramsch, German and Education
  • Lisa Pruitt, Mechanical Engineering

Faculty will also have the opportunity to speak with a panel of advanced GSIs. Faculty who participate in the three-afternoon seminar should list their participation on their bio-bibliography as a contribution to teaching.

More than 240 faculty members on the campus have benefited from this seminar since its inception. A research study conducted on the impact of the seminar found that the seminar enabled faculty to work more productively and more efficiently with GSIs. The study also concluded that the seminar had led to significant improvements in the quality of teaching done by faculty who had participated in the seminar.