Creating Writing Assignments

Many instructors struggle with crafting writing assignments that are accessible yet challenging for students. We suggest you consider the scale of the assignment — in terms of time, length, and scope — and the learning objectives of the assignment: what do you want your students to learn or show that Continue Reading >>

Course Design for R&C

A methodical way to turn your course ideas into a well designed set of student learning objectives, activities, and assessments.

Writing in a Genre

Learn how to describe to students what is distinctive about the kinds of papers you will assign in your R&C course.

Assignment Design and Sequencing

Consider the length and complexity of the assignments you give, and sequence them so that students can build from lower-stakes to higher-stakes papers.

Review and Revision

Be clear about what “review” and “revise” mean, and give your students in-class practice with essay drafts.

Working with Multilingual Writers

GSIs sometimes see student papers that are dense with linguistic errors or lack basic rhetorical structures. Here are some effective ways to address the problems while also protecting your time.

Integrating Sociology into Students’ Lives through Twitter

by Shelly Steward, Sociology
To make theory a way of seeing and understanding the world, [students] needed to be reminded of it outside of lectures, sections, and assignments. How could I insert sociological ideas into students’ everyday lives beyond the classroom? My strategy to address this problem was to create a course Twitter account.