Before You Grade

The question of how we evaluate students relates back to the learning objectives for a particular course and/or assignment. What will students learn from the course or assignment? How does each assignment build towards the learning objectives of the course? Accordingly, how do we evaluate students in their process of Continue Reading >>

Essential Policies for GSIs

Every GSI should be familiar with this brief information about campus-wide and departmental policies that directly affect GSIs, along with the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

What Is R&C About?

Where your R&C course fits in the UC Berkeley curriculum, your department, your students’ needs, and your professional development.

Consensus Techniques for Learning Together

by Genevieve Painter, Legal Studies (home department Jurisprudence and Social Policy)
Sorting through masses of research is a key learning objective of the reading and composition seminar. Students reported feeling overwhelmed as they confronted a wealth of sources and ideas in preparing their final papers. What is one way that participatory social movements deal with analyzing an excess of information? Card clustering!