Scheduling conflicts often prevent GSIs from attending our noon workshop series offerings. Hard copies of the handouts are available at our office (301 Sproul), and GSIs are welcome to come by and pick up notes from past workshops. However, we are also beginning to make workshop materials available electronically. Our collection will be growing in the coming months as we adapt our materials to suitable formats.

To access the documents, you will need an account in UC Berkeley’s Box service, which is available to all current faculty, staff, and students.

Workshop Handouts and Videos by Topic

Conflict Management

Conflict Management: A Framework for GSIs, Fall 2011 (pdf)

Video: Conflict Management for GSIs, Fall 2011 (33:25, opens in new window)

Critical Reading

Teaching Critical Reading, Spring 2012 – slides (pdf)

Teaching Critical Reading, Spring 2011 – slides (pdf)

Teaching Critical Reading in the Sciences, Social Sciences, and Humanities, Spring 2009 – handout (pdf)

Sample from the Humanities: What Does Reading Mean? Spring 2009 – slides (pdf)

Digital Communication and Student Boundaries

Digital Communication and GSI/Student Boundaries, Spring 2009 – handout (pdf)

Group Work and Participation

Video: Facilitating Discussions in Humanities and Social Science Sections, Fall 2013 (58:35, opens in new window)

Using Group Work Effectively, Spring 2012 – handout (pdf)

Learning Styles

Learning Styles for GSIs, August 2015 – slides (pdf)

Learning Styles for GSIs: Resource Links, August 2015 – handout (pdf)

Student Writing

Working with Student Writing — Handout, September 2016 (pdf)

Working with Student Writing — Slides, September 2016 (pdf)

Working with Student Writing: Resource Links, August 2013 (doc)

Syllabus and Course Design

Syllabus and Course Design, Spring 2015 (pdf)

Syllabus and Course Design, Fall 2011 (pdf)

Teaching Large Lecture Courses

Teaching Large Courses: A Selected Bibliography, Spring 2016

Alex Filippenko’s slides, Spring 2009 (pdf)

Martha Olney’s slides, Spring 2009 (pdf)

Teaching Portfolio and Statement of Teaching Philosophy

Developing a Statement of Teaching Philosophy and Teaching Portfolio, Spring 2016 (pdf)

The Transferable Skills of Teaching

Slide presentation: Transferable Skills of Teaching, March 2015 (pdf)

Worksheet: Identify and Prioritize Transferable Skills of Teaching, March 2015 (pdf)