Detangling Quantum Problems

by Oxana Andriuc, Chemistry Teaching Effectiveness Award Essay, 2022 Learning about quantum chemistry for the first time can be intimidating—all of a sudden, you find out that everything you know about classical physics is not always true: an electron does not simply behave like a tiny, tiny marble, but instead Continue Reading >>

Visualizing Stochastic Processes

by Ella Hiesmayr, Statistics Teaching Effectiveness Award Essay, 2021 One effective way of making content accessible to a wide range of people is to present the material in a variety of formats. It is common to teach mathematical courses by relying mainly on material in text form, but some mathematical Continue Reading >>

Zoom Labs: Replicating Hands-on Learning in Virtual Education

by Mallika Bariya, Materials Science and Engineering Teaching Effectiveness Award Essay, 2021 Challenge: In the first fully remote semester of the COVID-19 pandemic, I was a GSI for Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) 45L, a core lab course. Labs revolve around hands-on participation and pose a unique challenge for remote Continue Reading >>