Teaching Causality through an Experiment

by Ashwin Mandakolathur Balu, Public Policy Teaching Effectiveness Award Essay, 2021 Using experimental methods to establish causal relationships has been the holy grail of research in social sciences. However, it is a challenge to teach these concepts since it requires knowledge about sampling methods, statistics, and probability, as well as Continue Reading >>

Understanding Social Welfare Comparisons without Math Anxiety

by Carly Trachtman, Agricultural and Resource Economics Teaching Effectiveness Award Essay, 2020 A key concept taught at the beginning of any development economics course is the social welfare function, as many poverty and inequality measures are examples of such functions. Specifically, a social welfare function is a function that takes Continue Reading >>

Collaborative Learning in Times of Remote Instruction

by Jonas Teupert, German Teaching Effectiveness Award Essay, 2020 In my Advanced German courses, students learn about German culture and improve their writing and discussion competencies. The combination of content and language instruction overcomes curricular bifurcation and can increase learning effectiveness. Ideal for this approach are collaborative group projects, which Continue Reading >>

Conquering the Top 10 Algorithms of the 20th Century

by Andrew Shi, Mathematics Teaching Effectiveness Award Essay, 2020 In Math 128A/B, students get their first exposure to mathematical problems that lack exact answers, where only approximate answers can be found. The course goes beyond just finding these answers; it emphasizes the design, comparison, and implementation of algorithms that find Continue Reading >>

Lowering the Entry Barrier to Build Inclusive Lab Spaces

by Seiya Ono, Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences Teaching Effectiveness Award Essay, 2020 My first ever college class I walked into was a discussion section for EE16A, the introductory course into electrical engineering. Back then, I had no idea how challenging it was to introduce circuit design and analysis, concepts Continue Reading >>