Research shows that graduate students who work on their teaching while pursuing their graduate degrees have an easier time staying on track with their research as they pursue tenure as junior faculty. Developing your teaching skills as a graduate student not only helps you teach well at Berkeley, it also enables you to prepare for the teaching you will do in future academic and non-academic careers, as the teaching skills you develop are eminently transferable to other professional settings. By using the worksheets linked below, you will chart the many dimensions of pedagogical competence that you will need and that employers will look for, take stock of available resources, and make a plan to foster your professional development in teaching through the unique opportunities available at Cal.

What teaching competencies will you need in your further academic career? (pdf)

What resources can help you develop those competencies? (pdf)

What steps can you take to develop those competencies while still in graduate school? (pdf)

Develop your own plan to foster your professional development as a teacher (pdf)