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Center for Student Conduct
Center for Student Conduct, Reporting an Incident
Disclosure of Information from Student Records policy (pdf)
GSI Professional Standards and Ethics Online Course, Module 5
GSI Teaching Effectiveness Award Essays
Classroom Note-Taking and Recording Policy (pdf)

Resources for GSIs

Faculty Members
GSIs should consult with the faculty member in charge of a course (Instructor of Record) about possible cases of academic misconduct in their course.
The Faculty Advisor for GSI Affairs in the GSI’s teaching department is available for consultation on matters of policy and regulations.

Center for Student Conduct
203 Sproul Hall
510-643-9069 or [email protected]
A major mission of the Center for Student Conduct is to help educate the campus community, including instructional officers such as GSIs, about the behavioral expectations UC Berkeley holds for its students. You can consult with their conduct officers to clarify issues around possible student academic misconduct. This office also administers the process outlined in the Berkeley Campus Code of Student Conduct when they receive allegations of student academic misconduct. Their website offers access to several resources for faculty members and GSIs as well as for students.

Davis, Barbara Gross (2009). “Preventing Academic Dishonesty.” Tools for Teaching, 2nd Edition. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass. (Available in the GSI Teaching & Resource Center library.)

GSI Teaching & Resource Center
301 Sproul Hall
510-642-4456 or [email protected]
The GSI Teaching & Resource Center provides confidential consultations and other resources for GSIs.

Digital Learning Services
Turnitin Instructors Getting Started

Center for Teaching and Learning
Statements on Course Policies, Academic Integrity

Resources for Students

Center for Student Conduct
203 Sproul Hall
510-643-9069 or [email protected]
Maintaining Your Integrity and Ensuring Success

Digital Learning Services
Turnitin Students Getting Started

Student Advocate’s Office: Conduct
412B Eshleman Hall
510-642-6912 or [email protected]
The Student Advocate’s Office helps students with University-related problems concerning admissions, dismissals, and transfers; financial aid problems; sexual harassment; student conduct; grade disputes; procedural problems; and UC housing or employment.

Student Learning Center
Academic Success and Strategic Learning Resources
Writing Program

UC Berkeley Library
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