Pronunciation for Teaching

This session will introduce some key features of American English pronunciation that can help you and your students to better understand each other. You will develop an awareness of your own pronunciation challenges and learn some strategies and resources that can help you to improve.

International GSI Perspectives

In this session a panel of International GSIs will reflect on their experiences teaching at Berkeley, what they enjoyed most, and any difficulties they encountered and how they addressed them.

Campus Resources to Support Teaching and Learning

This session will enable participants to have a better understanding of the resources that are available on the Berkeley campus to support both GSIs and students. A panel of campus professionals from several different offices will be available to answer participants’ questions.

The Language of the Classroom

What vocabulary will you use to begin and end your class? To encourage your students? To respond to their questions? How formal should you be? What tone should you use? Get the answers to these questions and more. This session is geared towards non-native English speakers.

Undergraduate Perspectives

What do undergrads think about? Where do they live? How many hours do they study each week? What challenges do they face and what do they expect from you as their GSI? In this session participants will meet a panel of undergraduates who will answer questions about what it is like being an undergraduate at UC Berkeley.