Each department that appoints GSIs has a Faculty Adviser for GSI Affairs. Responsibilities of Faculty Advisers for GSI Affairs include

  • providing consultation on policy and regulations pertaining to GSI appointments;
  • assisting in cases of unresolved conflict between GSIs and the faculty members they teach with; and
  • approving an alternate 300-level pedagogy course for first-time GSIs who cannot take this required course in their teaching department, either because the number of GSIs is too low to make a course feasible or because of an intractable scheduling conflict.

Faculty are nominated for this position by the department chair and are appointed by the Dean of the Graduate Division. For more information about this department role, please see Faculty Advisers for GSI Affairs: Roles and Responsibilities.

GSIs who wish to contact their Faculty Adviser for GSI Affairs should contact the one listed below for the department in which they are teaching. The list is current as of October 17, 2016. We update information as it becomes available to us.

Department Name Adviser Name
African American Studies G. Ugo Nwokeji
Agricultural & Resource Economics Jeremy Magruder
Anthropology Charles L. Briggs
Applied Science & Technology David Attwood
Art Practice Brody Reiman
Architecture Galen L. Cranz
Asian Studies Alan Karras
Astrophysics Alex Filippenko
Bioengineering Steve Conolly
Buddhist Studies Robert H. Sharf
Business Administration John Morgan
Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering Nitash P. Balsara
Chemistry Anne Baranger
City & Regional Planning Teresa Caldeira
Civil & Environmental Engineering Mark T. Stacey
Classics Kathleen McCarthy
Comparative Biochemistry George Sensabaugh
Comparative Literature Victoria Kahn
Computer Science Paul Hilfinger
Demography Kenneth Wachter
Earth & Planetary Science Roland Burgmann
East Asian Languages & Cultures Paula Varsano
Economics Andres Rodrighez-clare
Education Glynda Hull
Erin Murphy-Graham
Electrical Engineering Babak Ayazifar
Endocrinology Gary L. Firestone
Energy & Resources John Harte
English Katherine Snyder
Environmental Science, Policy & Management Matthew Potts
Ethnic Studies Khatharya Um
Film & Media Weihong Bao
French Richard Kern
Gender & Women’s Studies Mel Chen
Geography John C. Chiang
German Winfried Kudszus
Goldman School of Public Policy Alexander M. Gelber
Haas School of Business David Vogel
Hispanic Languages & Literatures Francine R. Masiello
History Massimo Mazzotti
History of Art Todd Olson
Industrial Engineering & Operations Research Dorit S. Hochbaum
Integrative Biology Brent Mishler
International & Area Studies Alan Karras
Italian Studies Mia Fuller
Albert R. Ascoli
Jewish Studies Benjamin E. Brinner
Journalism Robert Calo
Jurisprudence & Social Policy Catherine R. Albiston
Landscape Architecture & Environmental Planning G. Mathias Kondolf
Latin American Studies Alan Karras
Linguistics Sharon Inkelas
Materials Science & Engineering Phillip B. Messersmith
Mathematics Jon A. Wilkening
Mechanical Engineering Costas P. Grigoropoulos
Self-Supporting Mechanical Engineering Costas P. Grigoropoulos
Medical Anthropology Lawrence Cohen
Metabolic Biology Jen Chywan Wang
Microbiology Shauna Somerville (Fall 2014)
Patricia Zambryski (Spring 2015)
Molecular & Cell Biology Georjana Barnes
Robert Beatty
Yang Dan
Kathleen Collins
Molecular Toxicology Daniel K. Nomura
Music Cindy Cox
Near Eastern Studies Margaret Larkin
Neuroscience Yang Dan
New Media David W. Bates
Nuclear Engineering Karl van Bibber
Nutritional Sciences & Toxicology Joseph Napoli
Optometry Austin Roorda
Gunilla Haegerstrom-Portnoy
Performance Studies SanSan Kwan
Philosophy Daniel Warren
Physics Marjorie Shapiro
Plant & Microbial Biology Patricia Zambryski
Political Science Rodney Hero
Psychology Lance Kriegsfeld
Public Health Darlene D. Francis
Public Health – Biostatistics Alan Hubbard
Public Health – Epidemiology Arthur L. Reingold
Public Health – Environmental Health Science Kirk R. Smith
Public Health – Infectious Diseases & Immunity Lee Riley
Rhetoric Michael Wintroub
Romance Languages & Literatures Richard Kern
Scandinavian Languages & Literatures Jonas Wellendorf
Slavic Languages & Literatures Ronelle Alexander
Social Welfare Jennifer Skeem
Sociology Cihan Tugal
Sociology and Demography Kenneth Wachter
South & Southeast Asian Studies Robert P. Goldman
Statistics Haiyan Huang
Vision Science Austin Roorda